Awards will be delivered during winners concert or sent directly to laureates.

A panel of international judges (soloists/professors), will evaluate the candidates.

Judges are independent, and they cannot vote for their students. The judges’ votes will be strictly confidential, and will not be shared nor published.

By submitting an application, the participant accepts the regulations, the general policies, the terms of use, and the privacy policy of the competition.

First round consists on individual categories, based on their age and discipline.

The first absolute prize per category consists: 99-100 points.

First Prize: 98-97-96-95 points

Second prize: 94-93-92-91-90 points

Third prize: 89-88-87-86-85 points

84 – 70: Diploma

Below 69 points: Certificate of participation

Only participated who receive 99 or 100 points will compete for the Main Prize.

At the end of the online application, you should send the proof of application fee of 1.000 ALL.

Please find out in this link: Click here the details for the payment process.